Address Tile Installation

Address tile installation is easy using the tile adhesive available in our catalog. The easiest way to install the address tile set is directly on a stucco or concrete surface. First prepare the surface by cleaning it with a wet cloth. Next, put the address tile set on a table and measure the size of the tile. Then measure the surface where you are going to mount the tiles to ensure the address tiles will be centered properly. Place a small mark on the wall where you want the address tile to start and where the top of the tile should be. After measuring, cover 90% of the back of the address tile with tile adhesive and press it onto the wall, but don't put the adhesive close to the edges of the tile or it may make a mess. Once the tile is in place, wipe away any excess adhesive from the corners of the address tile. Use painters blue masking tape to hold the address tiles in place while the adhesive dries. You should leave the blue tape on the address numbers for 24 hours until the adhesive dries completely. Use at least 3-4 pieces of tape per address tile to ensure that it is held in the correct position. If the address tiles are not held in place securely, they may slide down and dry in the wrong position, so be sure to use an adequate amount of tape. After the 24 hours have passed, remove the tape and enjoy your Spanish address tiles.